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March 2, 2015


Best In (Talent) Show Blogging

Chew on this: American Idol is in its 14th season. It debuted in the summer of 2002, when the world was a very different place. Humans still walked with their heads held upright because smart phones had yet to be invented.  We had limited access to the affairs of people we barely knew because there was no such thing as Facebook. If we wanted to watch a movie, we actually had to get in our cars and drive to the video store.  Parents were terrified that their children were going to be abducted via AOL chatrooms, and Nickelback had the number song of the year. Despite those dark times, there was one shining light - Kristen the Yellow Lab!

Shining Light

When I started writing a piece each week about American Idol, Kristen was my muse. If I could not think of anything to write, I'd simply begin with "Kristen the Yellow Lab and I are...." and the rest would come to me. In the fantasy world of my blog, she and I went on great adventures, all the while discussing what had happened on America's favorite talent show. In reality, she was most likely in the next room devouring one of our hairbrushes, television remotes, or prescription glasses. The truth is, Kristen did not care for American Idol. In fact, if I'm being honest, she did not watch it at all.

Still, people who read my blog wanted to know her opinion on each season's contestants because, apparently, mine wasn't good enough. "Hey, I like that Phillip Phillips," I'd mention. "That's nice," they'd reply, "But, what does Kristen say?"  Fortunately, I always had the answer to their question, as I'm into anthropomorphism.
"I don't know what that means."
Unfortunately,  reality isn't just for TV. Much like American Idol, Kristen began to age and grow weak. Shortly after Thanksgiving this year, we said one final goodbye to our beautiful girl. It was the hardest thing we have ever done, and we miss her every single day. Strangely enough, I've also found myself missing the blog.

For me, it is a reminder that though Kristen is no longer with me physically, she is with me in spirit. And in that very spirit, the blog will continue. If I were to say, "Kristen would like that," I'd be lying. She never liked anything we did that took attention away from her, including writing a blog with her name on it. But, I'll like remembering her through it, and I hope you will, too.

With that said, Kristen the Yellow Lab and I are looking forward to what appears to be an amazing season. The Top 12 will be announced the week of March 8th, but Kristen and I have already decided upon ours. See if you agree, and check in to see if we got it right.

Kristen's Top 12:

All of 16 years old, she not only exudes personality and showmanship, but this girl can SANG! She blew the roof off the House of Blues with Beyonce's "Love On Top."

Pure vocal power plus style = star quality.

Early buzz plus musical stylings could make her a serious contender.

Pretty, sweet-voiced, non-threatening. But, her lack of performance experience is a weakness. Still, she could have a great growth arc.

She's far too pageant for Kristen and my taste, but this cute little country singer will most likely be in the exclusive 12.

Quirky McQuirkster is this season's unusual contestant. In any other season, we would not be placing her this high. But, this is the year of the boys, so Joey has a shot.
Alexis Gomez
She was just this close to making the top 12. If she  makes it through to top 16 and ups her game, anything could happen.

He is in first place for the guys, but he's not our #1. However, this is most likely the season where we return to the WGWG (white guy with guitar) and Clark is at the top of the popularity polls. His soulful vocals and good looks make him worthy of the crown, but to be honest, we just find him a bit of a snooze.

At 18, he brings a little James Brown, a little Bruno, a little Qaasim with a little yellow lab thrown in for good measure. What's not to love?

Prince meets Lenny Kravitz meets Maxwell. He is one of this season's "love him or hate him" contestant. So far,  we love him, but reserve the right to change our mind.

He is a good-looking guy with a great tone. Why so low on our list? He's one of the older contestants and he will be splitting votes with Clark. Also, this season, showmanship and entertainment seem to be key.
Another good-looking dude with fantastic pipes. He's a contender who could surprise us.

Tied for the last spot:
We are shaking our heads emphatically. This kid has musical talent to spare, but he is not ready. Give him another few years to season. (And to let his voice finish changing.) But, he seems to have the granny vote and the tween vote down. So....
Talented boy country singer should be a shoe-in. But, he's just not there, yet. And get a hair cut, young man!

 Tune into Idol on your local Fox network on Wednesday night's at 8 p.m. where, this season, you will get to see both the performance show and the results. (Tricky! Like that blue and black dress!) On the other hand, skip the show and just check out the blog. We've got you covered.

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