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July 21, 2012



Kristen the Yellow Lab and I are all abuzz. The rumor mill reports that Our Lady of Unearthly Vocal Range is this close to signing on the dotted line to be the newest judge on American Idol.  For a cool $17 million, The Divine Mrs. Cannon will get to wear a different sparkly gown each week, wave like royalty to the maniacally-cheering audience behind her, and come up with her own trademark catch phrase to repeat to the contestants. (Note to Mimi: "Goosies" belongs to JLo just as incomprehensible muttering is licensed to Paula.)

 In other words, Mariah is taking on the "Pretty, middle-aged woman who was once a multi-platinum-selling artist whose career has taken a nosedive" role.  Kristen and I feel she is a good acquisition for Idol.  Unlike JLo and Steven Tyler, she has always had a genuine interest in the show, itself, and we do not feel she is taking this gig to use as a quick-fix to get her musical career back on track In fact, it has long been rumored that Mariah's voice is shot.  Also, when she served as a mentor in Season 7, she gave quality feedback.  Most likely, Mariah will be the "kind" judge, the role played best by Paula.  But, who will join her on the judges panel?

The buzz on the street (aka Twitter and gossip rags) is that the show is considering former contestant Adam Lambert.  Kristen and I would love this, naturally.  We could see him being the bitchy judge with the strongest sense of what the audience is looking for in a contestant, the role forever immortalized by Simon Cowell.   Of course, fans of other Idols are not happy with this news. What about THEIR Idol? Why isn't THEIR Idol on the short list? So, would choosing Adam polarize those fans?

Other  names being tossed about include Fergie from Black-Eyed Peas, who we think would be the new Randy, and industry insider with a solid track-record, but not a particularly entertaining judge.  The Queen of Soul, herself, Miss Aretha Franklin, has put her own name forward saying she'd love to do the gig. Kristen and I agree she'd be brilliant, but we do not believe there's room enough on that panel for two divas (Maria and Aretha) much less three (Mariah/Aretha/Adam.)  Miley Cyrus has been mentioned as well. She would be a smart move on the part of Fox as she could draw in the younger viewers, a demographic missing for the show. And, of course, who can forget the lovable Charlie Sheen? He has also thrown his name into the ring.  Charlie would be a risky choice only because of his substance abuse issues (*cough* Paula *cough*). Otherwise, he has proven himself to be quick-witted and unafraid of controversy.  But, will he draw in or repel viewers?

At any rate, it's going to be fun speculating until the Grand Announcement is made sometime in late August. For Idols' money, Kristen and I think the best panel would consist of Mariah (diva with a long, successful career in the industry), Adam (snarky-witted, controversial, polarizing contestant who knows full well that Idol is a game show, first and foremost,) and Miley (for the youngsters.)  What do you think?

July 3, 2012



Kristen the Yellow Lab and I are indulging in pre-concert libations!  Mine is a rum and Coke, while hers is a cocktail of pond water and  algae with a toilet bowl chaser. After all, what better way to kick off the six-concert tour of the iconic rock band Queen with Adam Lambert as the frontman?  We will rock you, indeed!
The first concert takes place in the Ukraine capital city,  Kiev.  It is a fund-raising event for Elton John's charity which has joined with Elena Pinchuk's ANTIAIDS Foundation.  It is also part of the Euro 2012 soccer tournament. (Yay Spain?)

Kristen and I can feel the excitement building amongst the 250,000 people in attendance. We have to wonder how Adam feels before performing in front of this massive crowd, singing the songs of the incomparable Freddie Mercury while being judged by Queen's faithful. Kristen offers him some kindly advise before he takes the stage:

Here is the Youtube Version of the entire concert. The Vimeo version below this keeps freezing up. However, the Youtube vids have a short shelf life, so watch while you can!
Enjoy the concert in its entirety as uploaded from the professional stream by Lambosessed. 

Queenbert-Kiev from Lambosessed on Vimeo.

No time to watch the whole 2 hour concert? Then click "read more" to read our review and check out individual videos of  Don't Stop Me Now, I Want To Break Free, Fat Bottomed Girls, Somebody To Love, We Are The Champions and Bohemian Rhapsody.