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April 30, 2013

American Idol 12: Top 8 Perform Songs of the Motor City

Made In Detroit
Kristen the Yellow Lab and I are building new Chrysler cars!! After all, what better way to celebrate Idol's tribute to the Music of the Motor City. Unless it's by going into foreclosure.  At any rate, tonight each of the Top 8 will perform songs made famous by residents of Detroit, Michigan and, apparently, its suburbs. So, let's Wango Tango on down to 8 Mile and see if can't get some respect.

Oh look, it's a boy toy!! Nevermind, that's just Ryan.

He's here to tell us that we can expect music from The Motor City, with Mr. Motown himself, Smokey Robinson, here to mentor the kids.  Kristen and I wondering if we can expect some White Stripes or Alice Cooper!!

And here come The Four Top Judges!

Now, rev up your engines because THIS is American Idol!  And, America, here is your Top 8!!!!

Up first is the lovely Candice singing  Marvin Gaye's I Heard It Through the Grapevine. Smokey wants her to give it some funk, and boy does she ever! It's a bluesy vibe with just the right amount of gravel in her voice to give it oomph.
Kristen says, "After I ate all the grapes off the grapevine, I heard you are on your way to the finale!"

The judges are all:

Next we have a duet with Kree and Janelle. The duo will perform Madonna's Like a Prayer. It is shouty and the choir they bring in to sing the chorus overpowers both girls.  Kristen says, "I pray your solos are better."

Lazaro is performing Stevie Wonder's For Once In My Life. Guess what! He is on pitch!!! Kristen says, "For once in your life, realize you are someone who needs vocal lessons."

The judges are shocked he sang in key.

Janelle comes out on stage with her guitar to perform an accoustic version of The Supremes "Keep Me Hanging On." It is a slow, dark version that works very well. Vocally, Janelle is sound and emotionally she is pitch perfect. Kristen says this game-changer will keep Janelle hanging on for another few weeks.


Devin has chosen Smokey Robinson's The Tracks of My Tears. *sigh* Another ballad from the youngster. We think he should have used this opportunity to change things up a bit. Smokey gives him some tips on how to stay on the beat, as this is an issue for Devin. Vocally, it's fine. But, he has no connection to the lyric.  Kristen says, "When I take a good look at your face, I see no emotion."

And the judges say:

Amber, Candice, and Angie team up to perform The Supreme's I'm Going to Make You Love Me. Amber and Candice steal the spotlight with great vocals. Kristen says, "You made me love you, girls!"

Now we are onto the lovable Burnell who has selected Stevie Wonder's My Cherie Amour. Smokey likes the raspy flavor to his voice. Kristen wishes it was bacon-flavored. Burnell more than does the song justice with his very unique tone and effortless vocals. Kristen assumes he is referring to her when he sings, "pretty little one that I adore," so she gives him four paws up.
The judges say:

Angie has chosen Better Shop Around by Smokey and the Miracles. He feels she is trying to take a bluesy song and make it classical. Basically, the song is a poor fit and her attempts to move around the stage and be spontaneous do not work for her. This was not her best. Nicki is more blunt, "You came out and showed us a different side that did not need to be shown. We did not ask for that!" In other words, be yourself, Angie my dear. Kristen thinks she needs to shop around for better fashion and choreography advise.
The judges are restrained:

Amber sings the delicate Lately by Stevie Wonder, and does a magnificent job of it. She is pitch perfect, melts her voice around each note, and radiates confidence. Mariah calls it a tour de force.  Kristen is feeling, lately, that Amber might be a contender for the finale. And of course the judges:

Onto Devin, Burnell, and Lazaro singing Sugar Pie Honeybunch. And it is hilariously bad. Laz forgets the words, his cues, his dance steps. At one point, Burnell and Devin exchange a quick angry glance at each other as if to say, "That SOB is ruining it!" Nicki says, "I don't know what the was, but I'm going to pretend I didn't hear it! Now get off the stage! All of you!" Kristen has nothing to add!

Except Fail Whale!

Finally, we get the lovely Kree performing a Ben E. King/Aretha Franklin song,  You Lied. It is a bluesy, soulful, sweltering rendition. Kristen wishes she had "brung it!" at the end, but that's not Kree's style.  Kristen isn't lying when she says this wasn't her best, but Kree's worst is anyone else's top performance.
Judges say:


The Idols do a Kidz Bop version of Bob Seeger's Old Time Rock N Roll, about which Kristen asks: What is Burnell wearing? And Lazaro? And could Angie's pants be any shorter?

In keeping with the Returning Idols theme of this season, we get Season 11's Colton Dixon performing in tight pants and a Bieber cut to his song Love Has Come Over Me.

This is followed by an awkard performance by One Republic and Season 2's  Kat McPhee (who forgot to wear half her shirt.)

Next, we get to hear Idol Judge Keith Urban's latest, Long Hot Summer. Kristen says, "Who needs summer when you've got Keith Urban?"

Finally, we get to the results. All the girls are safe leaving the boys in a state of despair.

Ultimately, it is Devin who sings a really powerful rendition of It's Impossible as his "please save me" song. But, the judges send him packing.

Next, this group of adult-contemporary singers taken on Rock N Roll. Roll over, Beethoven.

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