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November 4, 2009

Lose the Hate at

Kristen the Yellow Lab and I enjoy the democratic process as much as the next person (or yellow lab, as the case may be.) We're also firm believers in the right to bear opinions, concealed or otherwise. However, what we don't care for is when people (or yellow labs, for that matter) are given the option to deny their fellow citizens the freedoms they, themselves, enjoy.

In other words, why in the hell do we actually get to VOTE on whether or not gays can marry? If they're consenting adults, shouldn't that just be - oh, I don't know - a RIGHT? Kristen says it should. But, yellow labs don't know from hate, so they place the whole homophobia issue on their very long list of stupid human quirks they'll never understand. Kristen would never deny anyone the right to love her, pet her, feed her Milk Bone biscuits all day long, no matter what their color, creed, or sexual orientation. So why do humans deny one another the right to be loving and commited to one another?

Kristen doesn't know. She's going to chew on a bone and think it over. In the meantime, enjoy this video we made. (This one's for you, Bobby. Kristen would have loved you if she had ever met you. Of all the cousins, you were a true yellow lab in spirit!)

P.S. Coming tomorrow!! Kristen Reviews Adam Lambert's new album. She'll also review Adam, Kris and Baby Ali's hot new singles. But, she needs to get her required 18 hours per day of lab sleep in, so you'll have to wait!

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