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November 13, 2009



Kristen the Yellow Lab and I are geared up, hoses at the ready, about to slide down the big shiney pole.Why? We've just been listening to the aural equivalent of a four-alarm fire, that's why! Adam Lambert's debut album, For Your Entertainment (19R/RCA), hits stores and on-line outlets on November 23, 2009. Based on the 30- second snippets Kristen and I have listened to, it's gonna be a green Christmas, folks! This album is so hot, it'll melt the snow before it hits the ground. Sorry about that, Santa!

The track list is a cornucopio of some of the hottest writers and producers in the industry, today.  Check it out:

1 Music Again (Justin Hawkins, Rob Cavallo) 3:16
2 For Your Entertainment (Claude Kelly/Dr. Luke) 3:35
3 Whataya Want from Me (Pink, Max Martin, Johan Shellbeck) 3:47
4 Strut (Adam Lambert, Kara DioGuardi, Greg Wells) 3:29
5 Soaked (Matthew Bellamy, Rob Cavallo) 4:33
6 Sure Fire Winners (David Gamson, Alexander James, Oliver Leiber, Rob Cavallo) 3:32
7 A Loaded Smile (Linda Perry) 4:04
8 If I Had You (Max Martin, Johan Shellback and Savan Kotecha) 3:48
9 Pick U Up (Rivers Cuomo, Greg Wells, Adam Lambert) 4:00
10 Fever (Lady Gaga, Jeff Bhasker) 3:26
11 Sleepwalker (Ryan Tedder, Aimee Mayo, Chris Lindsey) 4:25
12 Aftermath (Adam Lambert, Alisan Porter, Ferras, Ely Rise, Howard Benson) 4:26
13 Broken Open (Greg Wells, Adam Lambert, Evan Bogart) 5:03
14 Time for Miracles (Alain Johannes, Natasha Shneider, Rob Cavallo) Bonus Track 4:43
** Down The Rabbit Hole iTunes Bonus Track (Adam Lambert, Evan Bogart, Greg Wells)

So, without further ado, click on Kristen's vlog, below.  Enjoy the 30 second song snippets and judge for yourself.  Turn up your wolfer!

In the interest of fairness, because Kristen is a bit biased in her Lamb-Luv, the opinion of the Resident Teenager was requested.  In traditional Resident Teenager short-and-to-the-point speak, here are the results:
1. Music Again = No.
2. For Your Entertainment = Eh. Ok.
3. Whataya Want From Me = YES.
4. Strut = OK.
5. Soaked = Eh. No.
6. Sure Fire Winners = No.
7. Loaded Smile = Nope.
8. If I Had You = Yep.
9. Pick U Up = Yes.
10. Fever = Nah.
11. Sleepwalker = No.
12. Aftermath = OK.
13. Broken Open = OK.
14.  Time For Miracles No.

So, based on Kristen's calculations, Resident Teenager liked 3 of the songs, was okay with 4 of them, and disliked 7 of them. Giving the album a 2.5 out of 5. Hmmm. Kristen says, "No soup for you, Resident Teenager!"

Now, run over to iTunes or and pre-order the album. DO NOT STEAL music! Kristen says: Just say "NO!" to piracy!

Check back next Friday when Kristen will review Idol Winner, Kris Allen's self-titled debut! (Available November 17.)

Keep the Lab Luv alive!

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