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July 9, 2010


L Is For LeBron who exchanged this:

for this:

Kristen says, "How dare you, sir?"

L Is For LiLo who exchanged this:

for this:

L Is For Liza With a WTF?
Kristen adores the divine Ms. M, however, she did go just a tad Sterile Cuckoo on us this time.  We're sure there's a reasonable explanation.  However, what defies any excuse is how the producers of American Idol could overlook Liza as a replacement for Paula Abdul! They are soul sisters.

L Is For Lab Luv or Loathe.  
This week, Kristen luvs:
Maggie Griffin, the mother of Kathy Griffin and the best part of My Life On the D List.  Kristen says, "Tip it, Maggie!"  Also, everyone should buy Maggie's specially designed "drinking blanket," The Mag-Let.

Paul the Psychic Octopus.  He predicts that Spain will win the World Cup.  Kristen is sure he also predicted the BP oil spill, but no one was paying attention as they were too focused on futbal or whatever it's called in non-American environments.

This week, Kristen loathes:
The World Cup.  Is it Kristen's imagination or has this been going on for 13 months? At any rate, she'd like it if people in the US would quit pretending to care.

Heat waves. Dear Global Warming: WE GET IT!! You exist. Now take a chill pill and let us enjoy our summer in peace.

Happy weekend! Stay cool. Stay hydrated.  And don't take any stock tips from psychic octopuses. 

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  1. Too bad the octopus couldn't have used a little influence on LeBron, as I'm sure he knew what his decision would be. I'd think he'd be good at applying a little pressure to guide one's directions. Nice summary, Kristen.