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December 10, 2009

All the Idol news fit to blog!

As anyone paying attention knows, the media has been dominated by one particular Idol for the past few weeks.  Who could it be? 
Could it be....


But, before we discuss the latest Glam-troversy, let's get to some other Idol news after the jump!


And it's Ali-licious.  Buy it, people.  The cute teen rocks it out with the Max Martin single "Friday I'll Be Over U," while she emotes Janis-style on the torchy "Scars." She's more than just "Pink Junior." With disappointing first week sales numbers of only 35k, it's up to the people who enjoyed her on the show to give her some support.  Get out your wallets and head to iTunes.  You won't regret the download!
Check out her peformance of "Friday I'll Be Over U" on Ellen:

No, he doesn't.  But, he did appear on the show on Wednesday, December 9 to perform his hit single "Live Like We're Dying." Check it out:

And while you're at it, check out his self-titled debut. The sure-fire hit, "Alright With Me" includes Kris' signature guitar strums and is, without a doubt, Kristen's fave. He goes soft and melodic with "The Truth," a Fray-like ballad which would be perfect for a Gray's Anatomy episode.  Once again, if you enjoyed Idol this season, part of your enjoyment was due to this guy.  Continue the enjoyment by purchasing his CD.



Adam's been a busy boy.  Prior to the American Music Awards' Kiss and the plunging of his crotch in a male dancers face, Adam appeared in a feature article in Out Magazine. A few days before his debut album was to drop, the editor of Out Magazine, Aaron Hicklin, wrote an open letter to Adam, accusing his "people" of demanding the writer of the piece and the photographers not make Adam appear "too gay."  Hicklin's entire diatribe can be read here:
Hicklin's OUTrage  In part, he said, "It’s odd, because this magazine has done covers with Pete Wentz and Lady Gaga -- getting straight men and women to do Out is easy these days. It gives them cred. Getting gay stars like yourself is another matter. Much easier to stick you in Details, where your homosexuality can be neutralized by having you awkwardly grabbing a woman’s breast and saying, “Women are pretty.” So are kittens, Adam, but it doesn’t mean you have to make out with them."  Nevermind that Adam has said, in as many ways possible, "I am a gay man," including in the Details article. And nevermind that Adam DID agree to appear on the cover of Out. Hicklin continues, "You’re a pioneer, an out gay pop idol at the start of his career. Someone has to be first, and we’re all counting on you not to mess this up."  Nice. No pressure, Adam. Adam responded with these tweets:

Naturally, the interwebberies exploded, and the mainstream press joined in the fray.  Adam? Trying to downplay his homosexuality?
Then, Adam performed on the American Music Awards a few days later. He kissed a guy, and did this: (aka stuck a guy's face in his belly button.  At least Kristen assumes it's his belly button. Otherwise, Adam is an anatomical wonder.)

As a result, President Obama declared he is deploying 30,000 more troops to Afghanistan.

ABC took action, banning him from the universe. Well, except for the Barbara Walters Ten Most Fascinating People Special.

Then, CBS grabbed him for The Early Show.

And David Letterman:

And Ellen:

Not to be outdone, NBC will have him on Conan on Monday, 12/14, while Jay Leno has him for an interview and performance on Monday, 12/21. Fox will have him perform on the So You Think You Can Dance finale on Wednesday, 12/16.

Feeling slighted, ABC unbanned him for one appearance on The View on 12/10. But, ABC insisted the show, which normally airs live, be taped. After all, Adam might have the urge to hump Barbara Walters legs (which are still pretty fine for an 80 year old dame.)

And let him perform (as long as it was taped.)

However, they have not rescheduled him for Good Morning America, Jimmy Kimmel, or New Years Rockin' Eve (co-produced by Idol's Ryan Seacrest, BTW.)

Nevertheless, his album, For Your Entertainment, debuted at #3 on the Billboard charts, and has sold a quarter of a million copies in 2 weeks. If you haven't purchased your copy ( and we do mean "Purchased" not "steal via file sharing") do so. Adam's album is Queen meets Depeche Mode meets The Cure meets Elton John meets Lady Gaga. It's a mind-blower.

Next weeks' Media Mania: Danny Gokey, Michael Sarver, David Archuletta and Kelly Clarkson. Check in!! 

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